Callisto: Sore Feet, Positive for IR, On Prascend, What Else Can I do?


Callisto was first shod at the age of 3, shod for 13 years, front feet had a tendency to flare and shoes got thrown like crazy with the wrong farrier.  Went through
a number of farriers and eventually realized his feet were degrading uncontrollably (long toe, underrun and collapsed heels) and decided to go the barefoot
route in July 2020.  He has always had sensitive soles, even with shoes he was ouchy when he stepped on a rock.

I started him on a lower sugar (12% ESC + Starch) forage based diet in August 2019. At some point I added in Flax and Salt. In July 2020 I added MadBarn AminoTrace+ to his diet and lowered the sugar to 10%. Recently I added additional vitamin E and Magnesium.
In August 2020, X-rays revealed very thin soles. He also became very sensitive to touch, especially around the girth and chest.
He wore EasyBoot Clouds until the end of October, and when the ground softened due to rain, I took the boots off.  Had ACTH tested in November, and it was slightly high at 12 pmol/L, but vet suggested retesting in a year since at the time, he had no visible symptoms. All along I rode him lightly with boots and pads.

By Mid December, he was extremely sore stepping on a rock, and extremely slow and uncomfortable going downhill, and his feet had dramatic growth lines. I became suspicious of laminitis and stopped riding,  I asked my vet to put him on Prascend and he agreed. He is now on 1 mg of Prascend per day.  There was a little improvement, as in he was less sore walking on the concrete alley in the barn, but not instantly sound.

This month I got his ACTH retested and it's normal (4 pmol/L), and Glucose Insulin tested (ECIR EMS Calculator says he is Uncompensated IR). I also got new Xrays, and the vet and barefoot farrier discussed bringing the toe back significantly, and we are working on that.

His feet are still ouchy on anything but soft ground.  I am hand walking and tack walking maximum 30 min 4-5 days a week.

I don't know what to do next. What do I do next? What might I have missed? What else can I do?

Lara W. in BC 2021
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