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How long does it take the j herb to be out of the horses body say for example if you want to check your dose and start again?  

I have a horse which may be getting too much and want to restart so was just wondering on the appropriate timing for that.  Sorry for hijacking this post!  

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Hi Leigh
If you are giving the J-herb around 20 minutes before her morning hay, that's fine. I often end up with only ten minutes between arriving, syringing the j-herb, preparing and feeding hay, but the main thing is that you check the gums to make sure you are dosing to effect. If her gums are pinker, what you are doing is working. If not, you can increase the dose a bit and see how that goes. 

As far as I know, the AAKG is used when tendon/ligament damage is suspected or support is needed, or for winter laminitis. There are some cautions on the use of both jiaogulan and AAKG. Have you seen the documents in our Files here? | Files

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