Re: Callisto: Sore Feet, Positive for IR, On Prascend, What Else Can I do?


Hi Sherry, thanks for your response.  

I would like to clarify a couple of your suggestions:

1) The hay values I quoted are Dry Matter. The As Fed ESC+Starch values are  (8.93+0.6) = 9.53% and (8.1+0.4) = 8.5%, which makes the hay less evil right? Unfortunately getting this
hay was very difficult and extremely expensive, and getting anything lower in my area is a lottery win.   I understand soaking will help, and this is within my power.
2) Regarding handwalking: he is foot sore on bumpy or rocky surfaces when barefoot, but he is great with boots and pads.  He moves around a lot in a 1 acre paddock on his own accord with boots and pads.  It's not like he's not wanting to walk forward. Do you still think I shouldn't walk him?
3) Regarding sole depth: do you see any improvement between the August Xrays and the February Xrays?  My farrier says he has more concavity than he did. 
4) There is no wear on his toes because he is never turned out without boots.  The latest photos are 4 days after a trim, and ~18 days after the post-xray drastic trim. The farrier comes out every two weeks and I rasp in between visits. My farrier never touches the sole and is completely aware of the realigning trim.  His approach is to cut the toe back slowly (maybe more slowly than others recommend, I don't know) and let the hoof capsule grow out.  Knowing this, can you expand on  "the trim still has much room for improvement" so I perhaps get a more effective trim?

Thank-you for your support.
Lara W. in BC 2021
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