Re: Callisto: Sore Feet, Positive for IR, On Prascend, What Else Can I do?

Kirsten Rasmussen

If he is comfortable in boots and pads then by all means keep hand walking him.  Being sore on the concrete barefoot is probably largely due to his thin soles. 

I personally would take off more toe because I have found with my horse, who tends towards long toes and underrun heels on 3 of his feet, that the toe grows so quickly forward that it is hard to make progress with small changes.  If Callisto is comfortable in padded boots with the long toes, I think he will be just as (if not more) comfortable in padded boots with the toes drastically shortened.  If you are seeing progress after each trim and the toe is noticeably coming back more each time, and that's the pace you and your trimmer are comfortable with, then carry on.  But take photos after every trim and compare with the previous trim to ensure you are making steady progress and not just maintaining the same long toe.

I would expect Callisto's hoof rehabilitation to take time, just try to keep it moving forward and not stagnate or go backwards.

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