Re: Callisto: Sore Feet, Positive for IR, On Prascend, What Else Can I do?

Candice Piraino

HI Lara,

I want to comment on your rads (xrays). They have been cut off and do not provide the full picture. A rad should show the block the horse is standing on when rads were taken on. This will allow us to see the full hoof. Some of your views are not true lateral either, which can give a skewed view. BUT he definitely has thin soles and it's not common for a horse to be taken barefoot to take awhile to build sole. He will not be comfortable on anything but soft ground for awhile until/if he can gain sole depth. 

Also, he seems to have thrush which is very painful. This could also be part of the issue! Don't rule it out until the thrush is gone. I recommend Artimud by Red Horse Products. I never recommend any chemicals, which can dry out the hoof as well as damage the new growing tissue- being counter-productive! As mentioned before, he definitely has long toes, which needs to be addressed.

When at a brisk walk, are his footfalls heel first? If he is walking toe first, he will not be able to properly rehab his feet and this can create more issues. If he is heel first or flat at the walk in boots and pads- keep him in the boots and pads. Do not force him to move if he is in acute state of laminitis. If he is well, then movement is great, because it will allow more blood flow to the hoof to help encourage more growth. 

I would highly encourage you to reconsider balancing your hay yourself- and try to only feed a hay that is low in sugar and starch- I don't think 10% is working for him from what I am reading. Soaking will make it safer- not safe. So if you can research more for a safe hay source, I would recommend you do so while soaking hay until then.

Also, 1mg of Prascend maynot be enough, so please consider increasing it and see if that helps his symptoms.

Do not do everything at once though because then you won't know what worked! LOL Try to choose an area and make changes gradually and reevaluate for positive changes.

I know it can and is overwhelming, but you are doing a great job!

Candice Piraino

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