Re: Callisto: Sore Feet, Positive for IR, On Prascend, What Else Can I do?


Lots of great info here Kirsten, thank-you. 

The good news is, I did just manage to find a guy about 30 min away bringing in a trailer load of 6.3%(ESC+Starch as fed) hay with 5.8% protein this Saturday, which is a miracle because everyone in the area who claims to have low sugar hay is above 8.3%. So I'll go out and get a pick-up truck load. However, my storage is full of 3 other hays, which I've essentially been told not to feed. It's frustrating having $5000 worth of hay I can't feed, and no storage to put the new hay.  

And after I go to all this trouble, I don't even know if it will help his sore feet (I am hopeful it will help his high Insulin, but discouragement & doubt are winning at the moment).  I suspected he might have low grade laminitis and possibly PPID, which is why I put him on Prascend, but I've seen little change if any in his foot sensitivity. The only evidence he might actually have PPID is that his ACTH levels went back to normal after being put on Prascend.  Neither my vet or farrier confirmed my suspicion of laminitis and cushings, but they didn't disagree with me either.

We know he has very thin soles, so even if I get all blood work back to normal, will he be just as foot sensitive as long as he is barefoot?  Could it be that the only thing wrong is a poorly structured foot and what I should really be doing is waiting for it to grow out once, or twice, or three times? 

Ok, got some stuff of my chest. Thank-you to anyone who read this. It's a tough road.
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