Lavinia, request for trim markups


Hi Lavinia,  this is a request for mark-ups on Callisto.

He walks out well barefoot, heel first on soft ground. Barefoot at a brisk walk in the barn alley he lands heel first on the right, and on flat, but laterally on the left.  In padded boots he lands heel first on both on all but very rocky terrains.  He is slow and ouchy first thing in the morning when walking out of the stall into the barn alley. He is sore and ouchy when he steps on even the tiniest pebble.  

X-rays were done: Feb 4, 2021
Photos were taken: Feb 21, 2021
Feet last done by Farrier: Thursday Feb 18
I rasp back the toe between trims.
Farrier is coming back: Wednesday March 3

Thank-you so much!
Lara W. in Vancouver Island, BC 2021
Callisto Case History
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