Looking for feedback on hoof progress


Hi All,

I have been managing a laminitis & rotation in my horse, Haven. We had several mis-diagnoses from August through December of last year, finally seeing the rotation on his rads in December. My vet says the bloodwork shows he is borderline IR, so I'm hoping it is OK for us to be here. 

We have had a set of rads done each month and his rotation continues, so I'm in a bit of a panic, feeling like I am missing something big. I had the February 2021 rads done at the tail end of a severe cold snap here in MN and have since moved him home to a heated barn & his comfort has improved. He is stalled most of the time and out in a small 20' x 20' paddock each afternoon when it is above freezing (since i really don't know the magic number in terms of temperature that is contributing to the winter laminitis flareup). He is still sore walking, but happy to wander at his amble pace.

I have the farrier coming back on March 5 and wondering if our approach is right (keep cutting back the toes, keep him in wide web shoes and pads).

His case history, bloodwork, rads and hay analysis have all been uploaded. 

I did have additional insulin & glucose bloodwork sent to Cornell on Tuesday morning and will post the results when they are available.

I first joined the list in 2015 when my old man, Courage, was diagnosed with Cushings, but we have not had to ask for any help as he is handling it very well with 1 Prascend daily.

Thanks in advance for the help!
Lisa and Haven
Independence, MN

Haven's case history: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/files/Lisa%20and%20Haven 



Haven's photos: https://ecir.groups.io/g/CaseHistory/album?id=261155 

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