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I am repeating an earlier post on InsulinWise because it's important. It is being heavily advertised to veterinarians as being "research proven" but I can't help thinking most vets haven't actually read it.  There was research, but it's hardly convincing:

The study on InsulinWise was released in the May 2020 issue of JEVS; Dr. Manfredi lead author.

They used both a high and low dose group - with no difference in results.

There were 15 horses in the study, Morgans and Arabians. All were originally diagnosed by either oral sugar test or intravenous testing, not by having elevated baseline insulin.  At the time of original diagnosis 3 years before the study, only 3 had fasting insulin over 10 uIU. Before supplementation, only 3 had fasting insulin over 20 with the group average being 15. In other words, these were all very mild cases that would not be diagnosed as EMS by the conventional "reference ranges" or the commonly used blanket upper "normal" of 20 uIU (see previous posts on normal fasted insulin).

Despite being very mild, five of these 15 cases did not respond at all to the InsulinWise (33.3%).

Of the ones that did respond to a 6 week course of the supplement, only the 60 and 75 minute insulin levels (after oral glucose load) showed a statistically significant but clinically very minimal insulin drop from an average of around 60 to an average of 50 uIU at 60 minutes. There is currently debate over what the upper limit at 60 minutes should be. Some say 60 uIU and some say 45. Studies of normal horses often show peaks as low as 20 uIU.

Adiponectin levels showed a minimal increase. The adiponectin assay used was found to be invalid in another study (Menzies-Gow et al, EVJ 2019). There was no change in leptin, triglycerides, TNF-alpha, or fat deposits. There was no change in body condition score or fat deposits.

No one on this list has reported a good result and some have had the horse worsen.

Cost is around $2.00/day.
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