Average petgolide starting dose question

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer


What is an average starting dose of pergolide when a horse is first diagnosed with ppid?

I ask because we started Summer on .50 prascend in July after she was positive for ppid  35 acth during seasonal rise.  She had many problems with the veil but finally got past them around late Dec.

I started to notice her appearnace metabolically changing in January and recently decided to not be a bystander (learning from Vinnie) until we get the updated bloodwork in March 8th so I have increased her dose to 1.0 prascend. Today will be day 4 at this dose. Her neck and crest have improved but I think are probably still a little harder than I would like but u recognize there is about 3 weeks for max effect at full dose.

I am contemplating increasing her dose at least until we get bloodwork to see where things are?
Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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