Re: Elevated insulin levels, chronic founder, Cushing

Nancy C

Hi Anissa

You are getting a lot of info at one time and it can get overwhelming. I'd just like to clarify about Heiro, please, if I may.

The main ingredient in Heiro is magnesium, which is hugely important especially when dealing with metabolic horses. Many of us have seen good improvement when the correctly balanced amount of magnesium is added to the diet.  You are not hurting your horse by giving him/her Heiro. Magnesium is recommended in the emergency diet is an amount that will  get you started until yo can learn more about what is an amount required for your hay.

The big problem with Heiro is the marketing hype that promises many things like returning EMS horses to pasture.  I have lost count how many members of the ECIR Group have found Heiro does not live up to this promise in correctly diagnosed EMS equines.

Members can usually find magnesium in a more cost effective way. For example, I buy a 50 pound bag from a feed mill for $22.  Lasts forever as long as you keep it dry.

Hang in there.
Nancy C in NH
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