Re: Giving Omeprazole To Horses Getting Phenylbutazone

Sara Gooch

Thank you Dr. Kellon,

This is pertinent and timely for me.  On my veterinarian’s recommendation, I have recently been treating a horse with intermittent ,mild colic with Banamine and Gastrogard.  She has been treated in the past with omeprazole for ulcers, but never scoped.  (When our winter weather permits mountain traveling to an equine hospital where she can be scoped, I plan on getting her scoped.)  Do you think Banamine would have the same effect as Bute when used with Gastrogard?  If so, that could help explain her intermittent ulcer symptoms.

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Sara Gooch, NE California

ECIR, 2011


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From: Eleanor Kellon, VMD
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Subject: [Special] [ECIR] Giving Omeprazole To Horses Getting Phenylbutazone


It sounds like a good idea to use Gastrogard to protect the stomach when on bute - but it might not be. A recent study found the combination reduced squamous ulcerations in horses getting bute but had no effect on worsening/creation of ulcers in the glandular portion of the stomach. They also found that 50% of the horses getting the combination had clinical signs of colic or diarrhea, two of them severe and fatal, compared to 16.6% with mild signs in the phenylbutazone only group. All horses were healthy before the trial and were scoped before, during and after the 14 day trial period.Blood total protein also dropped more in the bute + omeprazole group than bute alone.
Eleanor in PA 
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