Dr. K truths and myths about alfalfa

Bobbie Day

Hi Dr. K 
Just wanted to thank you for this article, it was very informative and timely for our area. That’s all they grow here (less water, heat) except for a couple of ppl that don’t have to worry about making a ton of money off their fields. My friend that I get our grass hay from is very determined to not use chemicals on her grass hay and only sells to a few. But anyway, I wish I could get the horse ppl here (especially endurance riders) to get more informed about balancing but they look at me like I’m a three eyed monster. I have several friends with Arabians that ride endurance. And horses of all levels. I’m going to share this article with your permission. I wish more of them would let me balance their horses diets, I need the practice! 

thanks for the article 
Bobbie and Desi
NRC Plus March 2020
Utah, Nov 2018



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