Balance Cubes with Stabul 1 as complete feed?


I have recently switched my 28 year old pony Foster from Mountain Sunrise Pellets as his feed to the Triple Crown Balance Cubes.
He has dental issues so he can't eat hay as his food source.
He has started rejecting the Balance cubes for the most part after eating them for a few weeks.
I have placed an order for Stabul 1, in the hopes that once it arrives I can make a mix of 50% TCBC with Stabul 1.

But I am still confused after spending many hours searching the site trying to see if Stabul 1 can actually be used as a complete feed or not for horses with dental issues. Some say it is a complete feed, and safe, while others say that as a complete feed it probably won't be tolerated. What does this mean? This is very confusing to me.
Stabul says it can be used as a safe complete feed.
I absolutely do not want to give him too much Stabul 1 if it is only safe as a carrier. If it can only be fed in small amounts to IR PPID ponies I don't want to over do it and create a problem.

But if it is actually safe as a complete feed, I would love to start using it to get him excited about eating again. He is being stubborn, and a perky handful, but not liking the Balance cubes anymore wet or dry. He doesn't like soaked beet pulp, and can't eat hay because of hit teeth.

Also what would be the feeding rate for 430lb. American Shetland of Stabul 1 if he is at a good weight now and if it is used as a Complete feed.
Like I said, my hope is to mix it with the Triple Crown Balance cubes once the Stabul arrives.

Sorry if I missed a post that explains this clearly, but I combed over the messages for hours and didn't find an absolute statement about the Stabul 1 as a complete feed.
Thanks in advance for helping me clear this up.

Best Regards,
Cris BlissĀ  California 2018

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