Lavinia when to take off abnormal hoof growth?

Jeanne Q

Really needing some help here.  As for all, it has been a rough cold winter and hard on Glo.  She had been maintaining fairly well until the -20 to -30 degree weeks set in.  She is now very ouchy on the RF and doesnt want to put much weight on it at all anymore(toe first and hardly any weight on heel).  We finally! got her heel down better this last trim on 2/22.  I hoped that would help but there was not much change.  My farrier glued a composite shoe on with frog support and I was hopeful.  However, it had a heel wedge that I was leery about and Glo did not do well in that.  Took it off after two days.  Tried a boot with a depression in the pad to relieve P3 pressure.  No relief.  Tomorrow I try a reverse wedge. 
How can I best relieve the pressure of P3 with it so rotated? 
Anyone know of custom made boots? 

Lavinia, could you please do one more mark up for me.  I would be happy to pay for your services.  Farrier is coming Monday 3/8.  I feel like that dorsal laminar wedge needs to come off but to what degree?  We did one small resection last spring.  Maybe that is what is necessary.  Dont want to destroy what hoof wall integrity we have and also I worry about protection for what is left of P3.  Also, with P3 in such a severely rotated position how far back does that put her breakover?  Wondering because of the boots she is in cant be helping with that.

I have been rasping myself on the toe and heel but her foot is hard as rock so Im not sure Im doing much in between trims.

I know the rotation and bone loss is really really bad.  But Glo is still maintaining an upbeat attitude with a healthy appetite and a serious will to keep I do.

Photos 3/1/21 Second page (in all RF photos she does not have weight on her heel.  She can fully straighten her leg, however.)
Xrays 12/18/20 First page
Last trim 2/22
Next trim 3/8 

Thanks so much!
Jeanne Q MN 2020

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