Re: Giving Omeprazole To Horses Getting Phenylbutazone


Sara, my horse, Logo, had mild colics for awhile before he was tested for PPID.  My vet had me give him a small amount of cimetidine when he looked uncomfortable to see what his response was.  Within a short time, maybe 30-40 min, he would be back to his usual self.  I don’t recall the cimetidine dose but I can imagine you could do the same with GastroGard.  He invariably did this when I was away.  The first time he evidenced this discomfort, I had a vet out who felt it was an impaction and suggested I keep him away from hay and hand walk him where he could grab some grass.  He had no interest in grass at all and would drag me to the stacked hay.  At 17.2h, he generally won.  Looking back, I realized the issue was most likely the same.  I can’t say he had ulcers without scoping, and knowing how uncomfortable he was without hay in his stomach, I really did not want to do that but it might be an alternate means of checking.  I did not have insurance but gather you generally need to scope to get insurance to pay for the omeprazole.
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July 2012 
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