Re: Dex Suppression test

Nora & Gary <NRGDB@...>

My Vet recommended against it as one risk is Laminitis/Founder - he
preferred to just treat with Permax rather than risk it ,as my horse Jazz
had already foundered ( if you haven't been down that road..believe me, you
don't want to go there ).
That was before we started using BET Lab for their "Cushings Panel" - they
can also do an "ACTH level" directly for you if there is any question of the
diagnosis risk to your horse , just a tube of blood drawn.

I talked with my vet about the perceived
dangers of this test and she said she only ran across 1 case in which the test
itself caused a problem. She still believes it to be the most definitive way to
diagnose Cushings.

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