Re: Balance Cubes with Stabul 1 as complete feed?


Thank you for answering! I do hope he likes the Stabul mixed with his Triple Crown Balance cubes. It has been stressful worrying about him being hungry since he decided he's "over" the Balance Cubes.
Today I tried adding a small amount of Beet Root Powder and a small amount of dried peppermint leaves  the the soaked cubes. He went for it and ate a bit. He feels good I can tell, I think he is just protesting and missing the straight Timothy Pellets he used to get.

His weight is very good right now for him. He is a small pony, apparently "runt" sized based on the other American Shetlands he was rescued with at around 1 year old. He does have fat deposits( I jokingly refer to them as butt implants) but his neck is perfect now without the crest he had years ago. He is neither fat nor skinny.

I will try to figure out the amounts I should feed him of both the Balance cubes and the Stabul 1.
Any help with proper calculations on that would be greatly appreciated. Like I said I am planning to give him 50% Triple Crown Timothy Balance cubes and 50% Satbul 1.
Currently giving him 3.75 lbs. of Balance cubes per feeding, twice a day. But as I said he is now protesting and only eating a tiny bit of them. I don't want him to drop a lot of weight.  And it is awful when they won't eat their meal. Hopefully he will like the flavor of the Stabul mixed with the cubes and we will be good to go.
I am also giving him a bit less than 1/4 cup Chia Seeds(he refuses Flax), iodized salt and a very small amount of the Timothy pellets as a carrier and hiding his 1/2 Prascend inside. He gobbles it all up thank goodness.
As an afternoon treat I bring him diced celery, with a very small handful of roasted salted peanuts, sprinkled with stevia powder. He adores this treat.
I will look into the brewers yeast powder, and appreciate that tip.

I ordered a bag of the Fenugreek flavor Stabul 1 and a bag of the Peppermint flavor. I hope he likes them both so maybe I can mix it up during the week, or not....... We will see.
I am thankful that Triple Crown offers the Balance Cubes, and that the Stabul 1 is available and safe as well for the horses and ponies that are older and have lost the ability to chew/ break down hay!
Thanks so much.


Cris Bliss  California 2018

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