Re: Candy Update: Invokana on board Questions and Concerns re. symptoms and diet


Hi Shawn,
We saw a huge improvement in Finn and Elliott’s foot soreness within 2 days. Finn was actively laminitic when he started invokana and he was out of his boots within a week and Elliott was out of his boots after just a few days.  Elliott seemed a little tender prior to invokana but not limpy, not laying down a lot and not in the classic laminitic stance like Finn was when started on invokana.  They both became happier and more playful. I did not see any improvement in other symptoms that quickly. Finn started to look quite sleek and lean after a few months. He’s never looked this good.  I think some of the symptoms just take time to resolve.  

Terri Jennings with Teeny, Finn and Elliott
Arcata, CA
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