Vinnie Dropping Weight and other side effect questions

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Hi all,

My journey continues, Vinnie is now on 1.0mg of prascend and 300 mg invokana.  His soreness and pulses are improving. Fingers crossed there... we will get new bloodwork and possibly rads on Monday March 8th.

This time he  seems to be doing ok with the veil, but i did notice that he has occasionally looked a little wonky behind. I read that ataxia can be a side effect of prascend.. as can weight loss. Are these common side effects with compounded pergolide too? Contemplating changing to CP...

Vinnie has lost a dramatic amt of weight in the last 10 days so we decreased his thyrol by 1/2 scoop (was 2 scoops daily, now 1.5) and I plan to decrease some more slowly to tolerance.

I am now in a position where I am introducing new hay that he likes better than his old hay so he is leaving a bit of the old hay behind in protest. He is eating supplements and he loves the tc timothy balanced cubes dry.  I want to increase the amt of cubes to compensate for the hay he is leaving behind but I am a little worried because the cubes are higher in esc + starch than my hay.. being that Vinnie is sensitive should this be a concern?

Also is weight loss common with prascend in spite of total lb of food being the same? 

Should I increase flax? He gets 4 oz daily.

Or should I focus on the decrease of thyrol to see if his weight stabilizes?

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