Re: Vinnie Dropping Weight and other side effect questions

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

Sorry,  I should clarify the pulses have also decreased with the other metabolic improvements. Today is the first day we have no pulses behind and fronts are dimished considerably.  Vinnie had no pulses for about a week before this last metabolic issue. They started again on 2/7 in the evening. And remember my Shockwave gal felt them the morning of 2/8, but then the evening of 2/8 after Shockwave he was feeling so good that on 2/8 he trotted in the arena. Then 2/9 he was sore and 2/10 looked laminitic.  Just prior to 2/7 I had pondered of my invokana wasn't working as well because he had started to develop a crest again. Then I put the correlation together of stopping prascend the day we started invokana on 1/8 and so we concluded he was likely ppid even though his bloodwork was normal hence starting prascend again on 2/17 and titrating up to 1.0mg.

Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
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