Re: Lavinia mark ups please with laminar wedge advice 2nd try

Jeanne Q

Lavinia, I honestly cant thank you enough for this extensive work up.  You have addressed all of what was most foremost in my thoughts.  Most all of it I can implement myself without having to rely on my farrier.  I will be keeping a close eye on him today!

I have two questions.
*  If we are to try some sort of shoe in the future how does that work with the sole being on two different planes?  I think that must be why my farrier leveled off her sole just before we put that shoe on.  The sole had not been touched.  Only heels for many months.
*  Ive been concerned that in boots she is not getting the benefit from the trim breakover on her foot.  How do you allow her to utilize her breakover trim if she is in boots?  Ive rasped down all of her boots heel and toe down to the stitching but I dont feel that is enough.  Ive tried smaller hoof base shoes like Scoots and they wont fit her new stance.  She is in Clouds and Fusion Recovery. I try and leave her out of boots as much as possible but this winter that didnt happen at all.  Any advice?

Thank you

Jeanne Q MN 2020

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