Re: Use of Palmitoylethanolamide(PEA) for pain management

Sara Gooch

Hello Dr. Kellon,
I've been studying this PEA thread. Would it be safe to use PEA while trying to taper off the Previcox prescribed for my aging Arab, PPID mare's significant stifle arthritis?  I don't like using Previcox, but so far when she has a flare-up of arthritis pain, Previcox is the only thing that has made her comfortable. I try to limit the Previcox as much as  can and still keep her comfortable.  (The dosage varies from none, to half of a 57 mg tab every other day, to 57mg daily for a few days when she has over-exerted herself in her paddock.) I'd like to try PEA, but is  it okay to use it concurrently with Previcox while trying to taper off Previcox?

Thanks for your input. I'm so grateful that this group stays current with new treatments and medications!
Sara Gooch, 2011
NE California

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