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Hi Sherry - Yes it was her vet tech who gave me the wrong thing - she was supposed to give me bute (but grabbed an old pergolide instead - must have misunderstood the vet) and vet was still waiting on my new pergolide Rx (I have a feeling her vet tech had a very bad day yesterday after I told her this) but today, she is bringing me a new pergolide along with the bute I was supposed to get.  I told her I wanted the results of all blood work - hoping I'll have that today. 


On 3/11/2021 8:36 AM, Sherry Morse via wrote:

Hi Sandy,

Regarding the pergolide dosage - as already pointed out the medication is dosed based on test results, not by the weight of the animal being treated.  You also indicated the vet gave you an expired product so there's a good chance that's not going to actually do anything, especially if it's a powder that's been constantly exposed to air.  Getting the actual test results will help us direct you better, but if the vet is coming out today you may want to have a conversation with her about this as well.

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Minis with laminitis/cushings

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