IR + Arthritis help



Thank you so much to this group, Bucky has been doing well on his recovery from his mild laminitis episode back in October/November. He has been sound regarding the laminitis issues and his IR is under control with the ECIR protocols.

A separate issue has now come up - he is lame in his RH. I had the vet out today to take radiographs and turns out he has a small fracture in his coffin bone and severe arthritis in his hock (only radiographed the RH hock, but suspect it is probably similar in his LH as well). The vet made some recommendations as far as course of treatment goes but I am holding off on starting anything until I make sure everything will be ok relative to him having EMS.

So, my questions are:

  • EQUIOXX / The vet prescribed Equioxx for long-term use (he is on Jiaogulan now, I know Equioxx is an NSAID so I'm assuming I should take him off the Jiaogulan for now??) Vet made it seem like the Equioxx will likely be a life-long medication.
  • JOINT SUPPLEMENTS / Vet suggestions: Platinum Performance CJ (Complete Joint) or Cosequin ASU. Are these ok for an ECIR horse to get?
  • INJECTIONS / Vet's suggestions: Hock steroid injections (she noted that it may trigger laminitis so probably not the best choice), Adequan injections (1 injection 4 days in a row biannually), or Noltrex injections

If anyone has any help or suggestions to offer it would be much appreciated as well!

Thank you,

Kinsey in GA 2020

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