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Hi everyone. Thanks for the healing thoughts and prayers.

Vinnie is stable. I wasn't able to see him this evening when I dropped off all his food and supps n stuff due to covid rules. But I did see an image of my boy looking a little pekid. 

I will post more tomorrow but in essence Vinnie presented as a gas colic yesterday evening and after being unable to stabilize him plus him acting just off, and in light of the chem we got back showing extremely high triglycerides we decided to haul to Davis.

They ruled out colic right away and were concerned that his lactate and triglycerides were so high and recommended hospitalization. I spent time going in depth about what we have been dealing with metabolically in the last two years and left for the night.

This morning I got word that with IV fluids lactate levels were back to normal and he was chipper and eating. The plan for the day was to add glucose by IV very slowly to reduce triglycerides. Obviously concerned because of metabolics.and there was no plan in place to monitor insulin. ūüôĄ

I.won't go onto all the details as my mind is swirling a bit, but this evening i was told they had taken Vinnie off all his metabolic meds ( invokana, prascend, and thyrol) which was not what I agreed to and I am extremely worried about a laminitic event .  I had only agreed to stopping invokana temporarily and restarting at a lower dose; as we hypothesize that perhaps the higher dose was what put Vinnie into lipemia.  Dr Kellon can explain the latter more completely than I.

The Davis team feels that their main goal is to save Vinnies life by reducing triglycerides and send him home for us to deal with the metabolics.  I implored the doc to at least start prascend and he said that he may at. 50 which is half the dose he was getting. His reason is it can cause inappetance and this can negatively impact triglycerides. He was not willing to administer APF. Ugh! Worried!

That being said; There was some better news today,  we got the metabolics panel back that was taken 3/8 and Vinnie's insulin was 30 and acth 19  which is awesome and hopefully with this being in this range will take time to increase while not on meds.  

I am worried... but hopeful... more to come tomorrow.  Xx Nancy

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