Re: IR + Arthritis help

Joy V

Hi Kinsey,

I also have a horse with both PPID & IR.  He was on Equioxx for 2 1/2 years prior to being diagnosed with the PPID/IR.  After about 8 months, the Equioxx was causing mouth and throat ulcers, and he was going off his feed every few months.  He has TMJ (and possible THO but that has not be confirmed) as well as pretty bad arthritis in his hocks.  I took him off the Equioxx pretty soon after his metabolic diagnosis and started him on CBD.  CBD has worked very well for him.  Initially I bought a prepared CBD product for horses by Neurogan and it was good, but there were issues with shipping beginning in 2020 (something with the state of California and the dept of agriculture) so I switched to raw CBD shake and have had him on that since.  The raw CBD works very, very well for him, and there have been zero noticeable side effects.  (CBD is legal in all 50 states)

I would think that hyaluronic acid injections would also be safe to have done for your horse's hocks (i.e. Legend for example).  **Dr. Kellon would need to confirm this though. 

You should probably search the files/messages for safe joint supplements, many on the market aren't safe for horses with IR.

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