Quality of flax seeds?

S Kauffmann

I hadn't been keeping up on fresh ground flax for my horses for a while, but decided to get back on that recently. As I couldn't get to the feed store (where I used to buy it in bulk), I bought some 1 pound bags from Whole Foods just to tide me over. I noticed when grinding that stuff that it was very moist and there would be a lot of the yellowish color of the inside of the seed in proportion to the brown husk bits. Then, I went to the feed store and they didn't have bulk bins anymore, so I had to buy a whole 50 lb. bag. No problem, I thought -- I'll use it up in about two months and it is less than $1 a pound, whereas the fancy Whole Foods stuff is $2.99 a lb. Well, the new seeds from the feed store are quite flat, not so moist when ground up, and look mostly brown when ground up. I'm therefore thinking that the new seeds just don't have much oil in them, and I'm wondering if it is even worth feeding at all. I have started using a bit more than the other one, but I don't know if that will be enough to compensate. And now I'm stuck with 50 pounds of the stuff! 

My questions for you wonderful folks are: a) Is this flat, dryish flax worth bothering with? b) If it is, do I need to massively increase the amount? c) Does anyone have a recommendation for a source of high-quality flax that doesn't cost $3 a pound and that I can order online? 

Thank you!

Susan K in NV

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