Re: Can DE be estimated from the EquiAnalytical Carb Pak?

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Jodi,

Good to hear that Yankee has been doing so well and that his foot comfort has improved so much.

Sorry to say, all of those questions can't really be answered just from the WSC, ESC and starch numbers, as it would all be guesswork. The mineral balancing would also be a complete guess.

The s/s is higher than your current hay, which may be fine for some EMS/IR horses but for others, it could be problematic. If Yankee hasn't had issues with higher-end s/s before, this would most likely be OK. As for the DE, just keep an eye on his weight, then adjust as needed.

Not sure where the "grass growing soon" fits into this as Yankee shouldn't be allowed any grass, particularly spring grasses.

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