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Joy V

Hi Valletta,

I'm going to copy and paste a response to another group member I communicated with via email:

I buy "shake" aka "trim" online from hemp farms in Oregon.  I've used several different farms.  **I entered a link to the farm I've used most further below in this email. 
You do have to "decarb" (activate) the CBD by baking it.  I bake mine in a Pyrex 9x11 glass cake pan @ 240 degrees for about 30 minutes.  I cover it with a tent (for lack of a better word) of foil because there are terpenes in the CBD and they will escape if you don't cover it, but you need to cover it loosely.  You want the terpenes in there, because they assist the CBD in binding to the CBD receptors.  After it's baked/activated, I keep it in a gallon zip lock storage bag.  It will smell your kitchen up, just fyi, but I run my vent fan and the smell dissipates pretty quickly.
Whatever CBD you order will come with test results, that show the amount of cbd per mg.  For instance, the most recent purchase I made is "240mg/g" which means there are 240 milligrams of CBD per gram of shake.  I have a scale I got from amazon that was I think $11 and it works great for this.  My horse has some really bad arthritis (hocks, tmj), especially in his right front foot where he broke his P2 when he was 6 yrs old.  I am dosing him at 3.5 grams 2 times per day.  So he gets a total of 840 grams of CBD 2 times per day.  It's working beautifully.
I started out at 200 grams 2 times per day and adjusted upward until I could see that he is really comfortable.  I started at this dose because I had already been giving him a commercial horse cbd product and knew what he had been dosed at with that.  
This is the strain currently available with the highest CBD per mg that I could find:  **   It's testing @ 157.99 mg/g and is called "lifter".  It's what I usually buy and I get a pound at a time.  The amount of CBD varies.  Also, all CBD has a trace amount of THC in it, just so you know.  It is below the legal limit federally, so you can't get into any trouble for having it.  CBD is totally legal and it all has trace amounts of THC in it.  Not even close to enough to cause your horse (or you, if you used it for yourself) to get "high".

Willie has been on CBD for almost 2 years now, with no noticeable side effects.  It's very apparent how well it's helping the 2 times that I have run out.  Within 24 hours his tmj is very apparent.

I hope this helps you and your horse.

Joy and Willie (PPID/IR)
Nevada County, CA - 2019

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