Re: Dr Kellon Invokana and Lipemia - urgent

Lecia Martin

Dr. K:   I am sorry about my file, I will see what I can do about it. Probably not much techo wizard I am not.

Hay:  It was a terrible year for us, growing conditions were ideal until they weren't.  Too much rain.  This hay is my second cut brome/orchard. He eats about 26 to 30 lbs a day, in a net.  At least this is what I was doing before I went to free choice at nite.  My bales are 450 lbs and two horses on it at nite will finish in 15 to 16 days.  I pull them off in the am.  Then I wait about an hour and give soaked soy hull pellets 1.5c. with a probiotic, salt, aloe vera juice and 12 grams of glutamine.   Around 11am he gets 8 lbs of hay divided into 4 piles on my track.  At 4pm he gets 1cup dry weight rsr beet pulp with 1/2 cup timothy pellets, custom mineral mix from Mad Barn, j-herb 2 tsp., 4oz ground flax, 6 vit.e caps 40grams of spirulina and just recently added chondroitin to get ahead of allergy season.  I give him his meds at that time which includes 1 tab of prascend.  Once done he goes back on the bale.

His manure turns very dark after exposure to air, my other gelding is the same minus the anal residue.

After the bloodwork in the fall my vet thought we should cut back his dose from 300 to 3/4 of that.  So I currently cut the tab at the last zero, if that makes any sense.

Thank you for your guidance, I really appreciate it.

Lecia Flyte and Flame
Alberta, Canada

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