Crackers' Update on Cornell results with continued use of WIRX


Crackers was tested again in February 2021 - last test October 2020.  Here are the results and my observations:

Crackers’ newest test results: 

Glucose 79 mg/dL (previously brought up that this is low but reviewing all past glucose results since 2011 reveals this to be normal for him more than half of the time.  He has never had a level above 90 except when on Metformin which had no effect on controlling his insulin - topping out at over 600 uIU/mL)

ACTH 16.7 pg/mL (really pleased with this! 5 mg compounded pergolide seems to be the sweet spot right now)

Insulin 49.42 uIU/mL (up a bit from last test results of 27.72 uIU/mL but as I have read on this site for the past couple of months, insulin tested during cold weather is unreliable.  It was 40 degrees with a cold wind on top of that on the day of testing and that was the high temp.  Temps had been running into the mid to high 20’s at night and no higher than 40 during the day.  He was tested about 5 hours after his first feeding of soaked hay that day and 6 hours after his feeding of beet pulp with minerals and administering pergolide.)

I am happy with these results and definitely believe that WIRX and his ECIR diet is helping keep his insulin within a safe range.  He is holding below the 80 to 100 uIU/mL. At 80 to 100 uIU/mL he would be at high laminitis danger according to recent postings read here on ECIR Main. 

He is happy, eating and moving well. He kicks up his heels every morning.  I take that as a good sign.

I think I’ve covered the confounding factors brought up regarding previous updates. 

Thank you and I plan on testing again in August unless it is advisable to do so sooner.

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