Re: IR + Arthritis help

Joy V

He's super comfortable on it, and would be rideable if he wasn't constantly having laminitis from outside issues.  He just had a 3 week bout of laminitis because we got a bunch of rain and the grass really sprang up in his paddock over a couple of days time.  I've been killing it and covering it but he still got enough to affect him (which reminds me I need to update his case history again).  He's finally doing much better this week, so hopefully I can start him with hand walking in the next few days.  It's been rough, because there was a tenant at the barn who would sneak and feed him carrots and apples.  She finally got kicked out of the apartment there I think it was before Christmas, and Willie of course improved greatly for about 5 weeks, and then the rain came and grass started sprouting up.  He was walking and trotting 30 mins a day, but in turn out, not riding.  I haven't ridden him much at all though.  It seems like there's always a set back when he's looking good enough for me to get on.  Fingers crossed I can keep him treat and grass free.  We should be go to go then. 

Joy and Willie (PPID/IR)
Nevada County, CA - 2019

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