Re: New Blood Results for Akira

Sara Gooch

Nancy C,
Thank you for your explanation about using the glucose and insulin test numbers.  I've been following the discussion and that helped.  I currently suspect my that two  "newish"  horses may have metabolic issues. Awaiting results now of hay tests and" bloodwork for glucose and insulin assessment.  
I have a math question that  I'm somewhat embarrassed about: In this statement "If you use the G/I ratio, a normal ratio is 10:1 or higher.  Anything lower is EMS/IR". What does "higher" mean here....glucose higher or insulin higher?  What does "lower" mean?  Glucose lower or insulin lower?    Could you please give numeric examples of what a "higher" ratio would look like and what a "lower " ratio would look like. That is, for a "higher" ratio which number would be higher, the 10 or the 1? And what combination of numbers would constitute a lower ratio?     

Thanks a bunch. It's been a while since I navigated these waters, and math sort of short circuits my brain.

Sara Gooch, 2011
NE California

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