Re: Dex Suppression test

Kay Howitt <akkray@...>

Thanks for your views of the dexamethazone test for Cushings, Everyone. I certainly
do understand the need for caution. My horse was diagnosed last year, after two
lengthy bouts of laminitis and a very slow healing surgical wound. We already know
of the Cushings, but are wanting to evaluate whether or not his current pergolide
dosage is enough. He is still having lameness problems and it's possible that he
needs more to shake this off. . My vets still think the test is safe and the amount
of the 'active' ingredient to be low, although I recognize that some risk exists. It
would be unwise to skip the test and increase the dose without cause, or to leave it
the same when more could help a lot. I trust my vets and will go with their
recommendations, but I think each horse owner has to make their own decision.

I do not have many more options with my horse...I think he's been Cushingoid for at
least 3 years and he's a tough case. I'm going to have the test done, plus another
full blood panel so I can get as much info as possible. We're desperate to get this
guy doing well before winter, or I will have to put him down. A lot of you are
dealing with less serious symptoms and have more time and a gentler climate to work
with. I wish everyone and their horse the very best. I am going to do what I can
with the resources I have available in Fairbanks, Alaska. He has had 3 long years of
serious problems, at costs in the tens of thousands every year, and I am about at
the end of my rope. I love my horse dearly, but sometimes you just have to give up
the battle. Wish us luck...we need a lot of it at this point. Kay in AK

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