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Thank you Candice for your response.  I have already done my case history....I added a lot of extra information about current wormers, grazing, mineral supplements, etc. Was hoping for some feedback on my entire management scenario as well. Peanut is currently managed as part of a herd...I hope to be able to continue that. But realize that we may need to mange her somewhat differently especially when it comes to grazing. 
I have looked at quite a bit of the info on your site and have found it very interesting and helpful. I will see about getting her bloodwork done. However, I will have to haul her 40-60 miles to get that done. In reading about the tests it does say that "shipping should be avoided if at all possible".   Not sure what you refer to as "shipping"?? Will hauling her that far affect the test results?? 

Thank you!
Alice A
March 2021, Custer, SD 
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