locked Re: Equi-analytical 604 analysis on Timothy Balanced Cubes and Amino Trace +

Nancy & Vinnie & Summer

I am going to weigh in here. My apologies if I offend.

I don't think this is causing unnecessary panic. I think it is valid for each and every one of us to reassess what we learn as we learn it.

If you recall I made a post about Vinnie's dramatic weight loss, about a week before he was hospitalized for hypertriglyceridemia.  My instincts were correct that something was awry. Many here posted that it was probably dehydration. We all know now what happened in his case.

What I think is super relevant about this post is that our environment is fluid and constantly changing. We have to be open- minded about the possibility that something we once thought to be infallible, can be fallible. 

I will also note that I made a post about Vinnie when we started the odtbc cubes and his crest seeming to increase. That was last summer.  

Thanks for letting me air my thoughts. 

In gratitude,

Nancy and Vinnie and Summer
Oakley, Ca
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