Ideal weight

Kandace Krause

I am trying to detirmine if I am getting close to Ideal weight and where to go from here  I have been fired by vet clinic because I have questioned things the vet said that seemed to contradict what I found here.
I know I am due for new blood work for "K" but I don't have a vet to do so and I am a bit concerned about the results from the companion animal vet who did last tests.
The first one was impossibly low and the retest was higher than previous test, but all I got was a typed email with the numbers, not the actual sheet from lab showing results.
Note I am just weighing feed to do new CH update including last rads from trim and then reset of NANRIC Ultimates.  At that time "K" had more than 50% new sole growth and I felt optimistic that we were making good progress but I am not so sure now.  What I was told about leaving these devices on her feet was that the times failure to recover had been seen where the times when devices were removed too soon, before hoof walls were really ready to support horse and activity
Some specific questions I would ask an equine vet would be, if Insulin numbers have risen since ceasing Metformin, is it good to go back to it?
                                                                                                do some horses need Metformin for life and, if so, what kind of life do they really have?
                                                                                                Is it normal to have lameness still, with trim to where it is now?
Should be up in an hour.
Thanks for your patience and answers.
Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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