Re: Help! Rising ACTH and Insulin

Sherry Morse

Hi Suzy,

Sorry - bunch of questions for you:

1 - how tall is Scout?
2 - how much is he currently being fed (weight of hay and any concentrates)
3 - is he on grass?
4 - when were the x-rays you posted taken?  Has he been trimmed since they were taken?

Metformin does stop working for some horses but we need a clearer picture of his diet as well as what his current trim situation is as pain can drive up insulin, as can increasing ACTH numbers.  Were he mine I would probably want to bump him up another .5mg and see if I could get the ACTH to go more towards the teens now and not wait until summer to try to get it under control.  However, I'd also want to get his diet as tight as possible now and make sure his trim is optimal to help get his insulin back in line as well.

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