Re: Help! Rising ACTH and Insulin

Suzy Berkowitz

Hi Sherry,
1- Scout is 44”. About 400 lbs. He will be 30 years old in June.
2- he gets 1.25lbs stabul1 with flax and salt am/pm. 6 lbs triple crown Timothy balance cubes divided into 3 meals.
3- the paddock is about 1.5 acres, that he shares with Ziggy the mule. There is a heavily bedded two stall barn in the middle that they have free choice to go in and out. There is a mix of weeds/ grass. This is south Florida so nothing rich in there.
4- the newest set of x-rays were taken on Feb. 3. His latest trim was on March 18. He wears custom clogs up front.

Suzy in Fl 2020
Scout Case History:
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