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Kirsten Rasmussen

Hi Kandice, 

I don't see a CH for K posted at your link.  It looks like it was uploaded into the folder ("Files") area, but it needs to be moved in to your actual folder.  It is here, just a few down from the top if this list of the most recently loaded files:,,,20,2,0,0

If she was taken off Metformin and her insulin went up, then it may be it was helping so you could put her back on it. She started it on Jan 5 but her Jan 14 bloodwork does not show an improvement.  Her February bloodwork is better (see below) so was she still on it?  Metformin typically loses its effectiveness with time and eventually they are taken off of it because it's not helping.  Some horses don't seem to benefit from it at all.  It can be useful to get horses that respond to it through periods where insulin is high and laminitis is occurring though.  I think the goal for you is to get K sound so she can be back in work.  Then with regular exercise she might not need any more help keeping her insulin down other than some care with her diet.

Her latest insulin from Antech is not bad though.  If you divide 226 pmol/L by 6, you get 37.7 uIU/mL.  Of course results from different labs cannot be compared directly, but it gives you a rough idea of how she is now, compared to before.   Her glucose at Antech was abnormally high though.  Was her blood pulled more than 4 hrs after her morning meal?

Ideal weight is what she weighs when her BCS is 4.5-5 / 9.  For a 15H Arab-AT, I would guess 900 lbs is closer to ideal.   But you can judge that yourself based on her body condition score.

As far as the NANRIC shoes and her trim, I'll leave that to someone more experienced, other than to say I personally can't see how they are helping as they seem to be encouraging her to stand with her weight on her toes, if the recent rads are representative of her stance.  I think the idea is to allow them to rock back on their heels more easily to relieve toe pressure?  But they look so unstable and hard to walk on that I can't visualize in my mind how they are helping.  Her trim looks pretty good though and she does have sole depth.  But you need someone more knowledgeable to comment on this.

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