Re: Ideal weight

Kandace Krause

I don't quite understand the CH problem but will look when I can get to PC.
She was still on metformin when Feb blood draw was taken, but has since finished, so I think it important to get that retested, to see if it has gone back up since drug stopped.  The draw was apprx four hours past start of a.m. feed.  It was first glucose number I had seen as equine vet felt it unnecessary.
She is 15.2, will check my CH reflects that.
I find the BCS 1-9 too easy to bluff myself through.  And is currently too hairy to really be convinced of ribs. This horse has a way more hair than she ever has before!  I saw a British method using a three body section scoring one to five per section and feel it is less subjective under winter coats, anyways.  If I go back to that, I get her to a 3.5/5 , likely a few more pounds to go.

As far as the devices, NANRICS go, I too cannot fully explain how they work but was told that since we had started down this road, we should continue with it.  When I find another vet, I will be leaving the Specialized farrier to explain to vet and hopefully to me.  When I was told about them I googled Ultimate boot and came up with a riding boot, there wasn't ever any mention of NANRIC at the time, and I wasn't aware of the rocker on the bottom until it was already done, the dumbed down version seemed to be taking tension off the deep digital flexor.  My anatomy is not great and I never claimed to be an expert but I have been prescribed drugs and procedures and ideas by "experts" for my own health that haven't worked so I do question "what about" - everything.  The inventor Rick Redding, is a farrier turned vet and has been doing this for some time, but more than that I do not claim to know. 

Thanks again, Kirsten.

--Kandace K Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Oct 2

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