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Kirsten Rasmussen

Your Case History file is not inside your folder, it is outside of your folder.  That's all.  You just have to move it in when you get a chance.

I agree it's hard to determine BCS with a thick winter coat.  I can still easily feel my horse's ribs through it, but I can't see them and evaluate fully if his BCS has gone down over winter but I know it has not gone up.   However, I have found for him (a 15.1 Paso Fino that is bigger-boned than most Arabs) his BSC is at 4.5 when his weight tape says he is 910 lbs.  I will be taking him to a scale to get an actual weight this spring, so I know what that corresponds to on the weight tape.   Originally I thought his ideal weight was about 960 so we worked on that goal for a while and when he finally got there that put him at a BSC of about 5, not bad, he looked quite good.  Then I started soaking his hay and he lost another 50 or so pounds and now I think he looks best close to 900 lbs where I can usually see a faint trace of ribs.

Keep monitoring glucose.  It is in the diabetic range.  If  the next one is also abnormally high that may be significant.  Try and have blood pulled at the same time after the same meal.

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