Possible acute laminitis in rear hoof

valerie puryear

My 23y/o Arab PPID and IR mare came out of her stall lame on the left rear this morning.  I let her move about for about 30 minutes and she came back and put herself in her stall. Vet coming this afternoon. LR hoof is warm and there is bounding pulse. And yes, she has been on some grass-limited to 2 hours in the morning. Her hay was tested-and I accidentaly deleted report, but was fine for sugar and starch- below 10% combined.
Her last bloodwork from Cornell ACTH--43.2 Insulin 30.62. On 1 mg Prascend a day. Looks and feels great-until this morning. Weight @ 950lbs.
 I suspect she needs to go on emergency diet immediately. SHe refuses to eat the Timothy balance cubes. Can I mix with RSR nonmolassassed beet pulp? Going to go and soak her hay right now!
And yes, I need to update her CH!

Valerie and Matera
Aug 2018
Athens, GA, USA
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