GI support for stall-bound post-acute laminitic


Hi group,

My gelding is stabilized after an acute hyperinsulinemic episode third week of Feb (latest blood insulin is 18uU/ml).  I tried 15 mins of turnout yesterday — small paddock, in Clouds, just walking — and he’s sore today.  So, def not ready for movement.  

He’s on Phyto-Quench pelleted (1sc 1x/day) and Hemp Joint (2sc 1x/day).  Off NSAIDs several weeks.  Has been on 1/4 tube Gastro-Gard daily since Feb but I’d like to take him off, as he’s handling being stalled well (has a 12x12 walkout & can see his friends close by at all times).  In the past, however, this horse has been a nutcase (rescued Saddlebred, handled roughly) that has literally tried to climb out of stalls, incl once at Cornell, to everyone’s horror).  Anyway, although he is calm at present, the likely long-term stallbound outlook and not-distant history of hysteria lends me to want to add GI support.  I have Absorb-All and GUT on hand for another horse, if either are appropriate.  If another supp is better, please let me know.  He’s on 100% soaked hay still and on 10g Mag carbonate daily, which may be helping with peace of mind.

Many thanks,
Kerry in NY
sept 2014
Pinky — PPID/IR
Tofurky — IR

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