Re: GI support for stall-bound post-acute laminitic


Hi!  Thx for the quick reply, much appreciated.  Ill try to answer in chrono order:

Yes, he’s been trimmed lightly several times in past few weeks & has gone down a size in Clouds (to a 3).  He has been comfortable after most recent trims (initially he was not).  Ive been trimming all of mine for 12+ years and got my mare through IR.  Ive studied Ramey et al, and learned to do glue-ons by Daisy Bicking (on this gelding, actually).  All eight of mine are barefoot at present (usually only do adjunct hoofwear for heavy competing or therapeutic needs; none of whom need it now).  This gelding is still in Clouds 24/7 and not ready for glue-ons or casts yet, as I frequently rasp as his pain comfort allows.  I do not have rads yet but Im comfortable with trim at this point without.  The soreness manifesting today does not correlate with a trim (last rasped five days ago).  The only variable was turnout off leadline yesterday.

Yes, he is very comfortable in Clouds (fronts) in his stall and has been for several days/becoming weeks now.

In his stall, he is not unduly distressed (meaning, no jumping around) and calmly walks in & out of threshold of his walk-out, several times per day.  Overall, normal behavior (remarkably calm for him).  No indication of soreness in stall.  

Yesterday he was active for the full 15 mins of turnout (meaning, walked and “explored” in flat paddock with good footing, in Clouds).  The preceding days I had handwalked multiple times per day for up to 15 mins, hence why I thought he was ready for turnout without me on the line with him.

He is sore in his feet, typical rocking back, esp to turn.  This horse is very expressive (aka, not stoic) so its relatively easy to “read” him.   The rest of his body is soft.  He rolls, lays down to rest, rests hind feet, etc.  Today he’s less energetic to walk out, and he’s a very exuberant, forward Saddlebred, so its easy to gauge any degree of reluctance to move out deviating from his “normal”.

Definitely no grass — he’s 100% tightly controlled.  Ive been down this road before with my older mare so definitely would not let him graze or access to other triggers.  He was in a drylot with a full muzzle for his turnout.  For some reason it was just a little too much for his hooves, so we’re back in the stall for a few days.

Thank you for advice on GI supps.  Ill add GUT tomorrow.  Many thanks!!

Kerry in NY
sept 2014

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