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Hi Sherry,

Thank you so much! I have ordered the tests from Equi-analytical. ( I did find the spot in the files for the hay testing info...sorry still learning my way around!) Will get some samples sent in after they arrive. 

I also contacted my local vet (35 miles away) regarding the blood work. She unfortunately doesn't do ranch calls except in emergencies. Most vets around here do not do that. This is a remote area and they would spend too much time driving vs treating animals. HOWEVER, she did call the vets at Cornell testing lab and asked about the hauling issue. They told her....that rarely a horse could have elevated test results due to stress from hauling (nervous haulers). Our mules are very calm girls and are used to being hauled. The lab vets did suggest letting them stand 10-15 mins. before drawing blood just to be sure. So that is what we will do. But that won't be until later this month. She also found an on-going research project that will pay for the insulin and ACTH tests!!! I will still have to pay for the glucose. She's a gem!

And thank you for the link to the iron overload topic....I would have had a hard time finding that. I will look for the search feature again. 

Will be back in touch when I get my bloodwork and hay analysis results. I am just so glad I found your group!!!

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March 2021, Custer, SD 
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