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On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 02:42 PM, Alice wrote:
They told her....that rarely a horse could have elevated test results due to stress from hauling (nervous haulers). Our mules are very calm girls and are used to being hauled. The lab vets did suggest letting them stand 10-15 mins. before drawing blood just to be sure. So that is what we will do.
Hi, Alice. The suggestion to have your mules rest a while is a very good one. Based on experience with my anxious horse who clearly had elevated ACTH from stress, I'd increase the R & R time to 30 minutes. You're investing time and money doing this lab work, so I suggest you do everything to maximize the chances of getting valid results the first time. Your vet will find all the details for handling each blood sample at the Cornell vet lab website. Vets out west have learned how to freeze samples before sending them chilled to Cornell by overnight delivery early in the week to avoid shipping delays over the weekend.

Good reminders here on how to prepare your mules for the lab work, what to feed, time of day for testing. 
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