Question for Dr. Kellon and Invokana dose for Riosa


Hello Dr. kellon.

I am awaiting Riosa’s blood results for her insulin, glucose and triglycerides and hoping we will have them maybe this week.  I was wondering should I be reducing her Invokana dose until they come back?

I have been feeding her about 1:1 lbs of Ontario Dehy Balance Cubes and oats within an hour after working her but noticed she seems a bit laggy in our hikes, lunging sessions and am wondering is this maybe a sign her glucose levels are low. She seems to have lost some of her spunk and forward was but doesn’t appear foot sore at all just a bit draggy and slow energy. Or should I feed her some hay before her workouts to help maybe?  Or ideas?
Thanks in advance.
August 5, 2017, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada



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