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Nancy C

Hi Jeannean

The further you go down the scale for G/I  or RISQI the closer to laminitis risk you are.

For G/I the lower the ratio, the higher the laminitis risk. Cricket's is 2.80.  Ideal G/I is 10:1

MIRG measures insulin sensitivity and to my mind really comes into play when a patient becomes diabetic. A high MIRG = EMS.  A low MIRG means you have passed into diabetes. You have a high MIRG.

Cricket's RISQI is 0.17.  "A RISQI of less than 0.2 indicate severe IR and the horse is at high risk of laminitis." Your RISQI is 0.17

So let's look at DDT+E as a road map.  I would want to see Cricket's ACTH lower than 30 in April.  MY QH's is very similar to where you are.  I was cautiously leaving things alone but will test again in July to make sure PPID is controlled, but am second guessing myself. Not fully shed and looking gaunt. He's on 3 mg of pergolide.

I took a quick look at Cricket's Diet. The ESC may be too high, but balancing can help with insulin sensitivity.

Hope this helps.
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